During the month of February, challenge yourself to participate in MMC’s 28-day meditation program. It’s simple: Commit to meditating each day and connect online to share experiences – pleasant, difficult or otherwise. We will follow the meditation program outlined in Sharon Salzberg’s book, “Real Happiness.” This blog will be your guide, including links to helpful Web sites and guided meditations. Meditation can help with overall wellness, pain, stress, anxiety, sleep and concentration. This is your opportunity to start a new practice to enhance your wellbeing or to continue your practice in the company of your fellow Griffins.

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Welcome to Day 1

Welcome to Day 1 of the Real Happiness meditation challenge! And congratulations for making this commitment to yourself!

There's a guided sitting meditation led by Sharon Salzberg at the link on the right. You can start by following that.

Here are also some meditation basics:
1. Find a comfortable, quiet place where you can avoid interruptions for between 10 and 20 minutes. Sit or lie down (although you might fall asleep lying down ; )) and get settled in.
2. Close your eyes if that feels comfortable, or simply let your gaze rest on the floor and let your eyes relax.
3. Feel the points of contact of your body with the chair or floor or bed - wherever you are
4. Take a few long breaths to call your attention to the sensation of air flowing in and out of your body. Then let your breathing return to normal
5. Now, let your attention rest in the place where you feel the flow of air most predominantly - you nostrils, your chest, your belly.
6. Then simply settle your attention at that place and follow the sensations of each breath entering and leaving your body
7. No need to control your breath, just let it do its thing
8. The first thing you might notice is that your attention quickly wanders off. That pesky attention, it's always got somewhere else it thinks it needs to be. Well, no problem. No judging either. Just, when you become aware that you're off thinking about what you have to do today, or that itch on the bottom of your foot, or that conversation you had yesterday with your friend or what to do with your life -- as soon as you BECOME AWARE -- simply, gently, kindly, escort your attention back to the sensations of breathing.
9. Repeat.
10. Yup, that's really it. Simple and incredibly difficult at the same time. Remember: No judging. You are not going to be good at this or bad at this. Your just going to be.

Give it a try, and let us know how it's going -- post your experiences and questions.
I'll be back later.

May you be happy!

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