During the month of February, challenge yourself to participate in MMC’s 28-day meditation program. It’s simple: Commit to meditating each day and connect online to share experiences – pleasant, difficult or otherwise. We will follow the meditation program outlined in Sharon Salzberg’s book, “Real Happiness.” This blog will be your guide, including links to helpful Web sites and guided meditations. Meditation can help with overall wellness, pain, stress, anxiety, sleep and concentration. This is your opportunity to start a new practice to enhance your wellbeing or to continue your practice in the company of your fellow Griffins.

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Am I doing this right?

Meditation is new to me. I’m starting at square one. Until this past Saturday I had never even thought about trying it. I've done my session each day and I find I keep wondering if I am doing this right.

I want my meditation to be like what is described in the book or to sound like what other people describe their practice as, but when I really think about it I know that’s an unrealistic goal. It’s not going to be the same as in the book because I am not the person described in the book. My meditation is going to be different from yours because we are different people with different experiences. But knowing that and feeling that in the moment isn't exactly the same thing. I find myself finishing my session and wondering if I did it right or if I was just sitting with my eyes closed. I am giving myself time to get it, I know that with any new activity there is a learning curve and I am sure if I keep at it each day it will become easier.

So for right now while I am filled with some doubt on if I am doing this right and if I am really getting it, I am trying to keep one of my favorite sayings in mind “Act as if ye have faith and faith shall be given” put it another way – fake it till you make it.   

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