During the month of February, challenge yourself to participate in MMC’s 28-day meditation program. It’s simple: Commit to meditating each day and connect online to share experiences – pleasant, difficult or otherwise. We will follow the meditation program outlined in Sharon Salzberg’s book, “Real Happiness.” This blog will be your guide, including links to helpful Web sites and guided meditations. Meditation can help with overall wellness, pain, stress, anxiety, sleep and concentration. This is your opportunity to start a new practice to enhance your wellbeing or to continue your practice in the company of your fellow Griffins.

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mini-meditations throughout the day

Up until now, you've been working with formal meditation - setting aside a specific time for practice. You can also incorporate mindful moments into your day in other ways.

Taking advantage of those moments throughout the day when you have a minute or two between things: waiting for the elevator, riding the subway or bus, waiting for class to start. These are times when you can connect to your breath and the sensations of it in your body.You don't have to close your eyes, no one has to know you're doing it. Just take a quick moment to center yourself.

You might even think ahead and decide what moments in your day you might try this. Sharon Salzberg has some great suggestions: Take three mindful breaths before responding to an email or a text message; stop to follow a few breaths when the microwave dings; let the phone ring three times before answering and take a mindful breath during that interval. I wonder how your reactions and behaviors might change if you paused at these moments.

I'm sure you can come up with some other ideas for this. It would be great to hear what you are trying ... it might also help others in the challenge.

May you be happy!

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